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Jul. 29th, 2005 @ 11:38 pm (no subject)
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The stars are clear and bright tonight and the moon has cast off the silken veil of cloud worn for the past week. The cloak of night shelters the mountains and dark pools of shadow fill the valleys.

The Dwarven masons are asleep, and many of my halls sound with the sweet and subtle songs of minstrels enthralled by the night's peace. Nargothrond is quiet tonight and full of contentment.

I have been looking towards the sea, seeking a light on the waters, but seeing only the light of moon and stars, reflected on the waves. No ship will come. There will be neither word nor sight of her, but the heart holds to hope and will not lightly let it go.

At last, Lasslathron, troubled by my absence from the hall, came to find me. He saw the direction of my gaze and said, "Lord, others can watch the sea."

"And with less hope to torment them." I said.

"The day may come, Lord, but for now, be at ease. Your people are happy. Come and share their happiness."

"It is late. Perhaps it would be better to retire and rest alone."

"If you will, Lord, but do not linger here."

"The stars are beautiful." I said.

"Yet cold beauty is no substitute for warm friendship."

"Nor friendship any substitute for the greatest love of the soul."

"I know." he said.

I followed him, bowing a farewell to the jewels of the sky.
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