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Sep. 6th, 2005 @ 08:18 am A Storm
Current Mood: impressedimpressed
There was a storm last night, and the mountains echoed to the sound of thunder as it was cast from one to another. Spears of light struck and were gone, to be followed by the rumbles of sound which became faster and louder as the night went on.

The roiling sea was the colour of a petrel's wing and no stars were reflected upon the waters, as if Varda feared to lay her treasures in such peril. Not so the Falathrim, whose ships were still to be seen, despite the fury of sea and sky. One small boat capsized, and my heart sank to see two figures in the sea.

I should not have doubted the knots by which the Falathrim are bound. At once, a larger ship battled against the wind to turn and go to the stricken vessel's aid. The rerscue was swift, thiough it seemed slow enough at the time. Soon the two sailors were huddled together on the other vessel. This morning, they went out again, and rescued the boat, righting it and taking it home.

A storm in the mountains is spectacular, a storm at sea more so. A storm has power and passion and light and sound, but can be a beautiful assassin. Many have been the lives lost to that tantrum of nature. I watched from safety, while the Falathrim were in danger, yet their love of storms is greater than mine, just as they love the sea, though it is as ready to drown them as it is to take a stranger's life.
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