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Apr. 29th, 2005 @ 11:49 am Peace
Current Mood: enthralledenthralled
The dawn's pale mist lay golden over the mountains this morning and rendered indistinct the green forests below. There was a stillness, but not a silence, for the birds sang with voices to shame the best of my minstrels.

The dwarven masons with whom I talked last night are still abed, and all further discussion of the new halls must wait. It ill pleases a dwarf to rise before the sun. In this matter, their sense of precedence is well-developed. To carouse long after the sun has gone to rest does not trouble them in the least. Hearing them some nights, I wonder how even the sun can sleep. Their songs are loud, and ale amplifies them.

I avoid my attendants for the first few hours of any day. I shrug them off and say that I have matters to attend to. Then I climb to this ridge and look upon the gleaming golden mist, laid like a shawl across the shoulders of these mountains. My eyes look in turn in all directions but one, for I keep myself from looking west as I watch the world changing under the new light. I keep my mind free of thoughts too heavy for the light air of dawn's first sigh.

Then, at last, when my spirit is renewed by drinking the beauty of the sunrise, I turn to look over the sea. Exquisite joy, exquisite pain! Always that moment which is pure hunger for the sight of a sail. The boats of the shore-dwellers come and go, but none come now from the land over the waves and no tidings reach us of ... of anyone.

But the dawn is still fair, and the land is still beautiful. I turn again to look at Neldoreth and Brethil and serenity soothes my aching heart. This morning's dawn held some special gleam. The gold of my armring is a poor counterfeit of the sun's riches.
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